An old scourge returns

1,665 children may have been at risk of sexual exploitation in Rotherham. This astounding figure was revealed by GB News earlier this weekend following a request made to Rotherham Council.

This figure comes following a report by the Conservatives on Rotherham Council who claimed that there were ‘multiple examples of active grooming in the town.’ Though their claim has been disputed by the council and South Yorkshire Police.

Though GB News nor the Council or any other source seems to have placed down the ethnicity or gender of those doing the abusing, given the history in Rotherham, the public can be excused for drawing conclusions.

The main question I have is how could this have happened again. After the initial explosive report of grooming in Rotherham came out in 2012, and the subsequent trial of countless men for the crimes committed, there were promises that such a thing would never ever happen again. And yet it has. How?

Well, one might answer that the police have spent more time trying to police what people say online, or reacting to people posting things like ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ or covering up their own officers lurid actions. 

In doing these things, they can be seen to be doing something, anything, to appeal to the new modus that sets the tone for offense. Whilst they’re off doing this, actual crimes like the rape of women, the grooming of girls and murders and knife crime, go unsolved, or ignored. 

Politicians assist the police in this, by making bold statements, and by filing something like the Online Social Harms Bill, but not enacting policy that could make a real difference. 

We were promised that grooming gangs would never happen again. We have been failed. 

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