The Lies Of The Financial Times

In a new article for The Critic, Derrick Berthelsen has highlighted something interesting.

Despite the Financial Times claiming to be a newspaper that reports the facts, independent of bias during an age of fake news, they are allowing their own biases to influence their reporting.

As Berthelsen notes, this doesn’t just mean their articles about Brexit causing the UK’s economy to tank-which as Berthelsen notes isn’t actually backed up by the data used by the Financial Times-it also includes their editor, the man you’d think would be at the heart of impartiality in the paper, tweeting out things that clearly undermine his paper’s claim to be impartial.

Now, the Financial Times is a paper of the establishment, and as we know, the establishment was against Brexit, and has done everything to portray Brexit as the cause for the UK’s woes-ignoring their own idiocy. But, this, this is something else.

A newspaper is meant to report the facts, using evidence to support their claims. They are not meant to selectively interpret the data to suit their biases. But, I suppose this is just further evidence that no newspaper can be impartial, and that when it comes to a matter such as Brexit, impartiality can be left at the door. 

This combined with a whole slew of issues, including Covid-19, lockdowns and grooming gangs are further evidence that anyone supporting the press is a fool.

The press is not an ally, they are an enemy.

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