China v the EU: Who Will Win?

A newspaper article published by the Chinese embassy in France deriding the country’s care for senior citizens during the pandemic is the new front in a propaganda war between China and the EU. It has raised the interesting question of who will win this war.  The Chinese government is widely seen as engaging in a... Continue Reading →

Why Have The Clocks Gone Forward?

At 1:00 am this morning, the clocks went forward an hour, thus the citizens of Britain lost an hour of precious sleep. But why do the clocks go forward and when did this tradition start? There is no scientific reason for the clocks going forward. The idea first started because they thought that sleeping through... Continue Reading →

Outcry Over Prince Charles Exposes Hypocrisy

Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus yesterday. This predictably brought about all sorts of outrage and accusations from the online mob, not because he’d tested positive, but because he’d had a test at all.  You see, there seems to be something pathological in the minds of the mob that makes them forget common sense and... Continue Reading →

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