The Flash Season 6 Episode 4 Review

It’s Halloween! You know what that means? It means that everything has to be downright terrifying and somewhat creepy. It seems the Flash writers got the memo for episode four of season six of The Flash was downright creepy and terrifying and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Let’s start off with Rosso. Not satisfied with being able to control the dead, Rosso is searching for a way to completely cure himself, by stealing blood. He tries to mix blood together in different formulas to no luck. He then gets a cure from Barry and Cisco-more on that later- but when that doesn’t work he goes a bit mad. He realises that he needs to use fear and the chemicals produced when a person produces fear, to suppress the disease that is killing him. Cue the killing spree. He claims to have averted death when confronted in the hospital, but who the hell knows. He is well and truly mad now.

Now we move onto Team Flash. A range of emotions are on display here for the team as they deal with the news that Barry is to die-but he isn’t remember that- Cisco is the one who the writers decided to focus on today. We see him and Barry working together, initially to get a cure for Rosso, as Barry grooms Cisco to succeed him as leader after Crisis. Naturally Cisco struggles with this and it leads to an argument and a confession of grief etc. It was well written and Carlos Valdes acted superbly throughout. Eventually, Cisco came onside and he and Barry managed to make up before the dangerous breach became to big, see what I did there?

Another who was affected by the news was Ralph. Dibny has grown on me since he was first introduced, and seeing him battle with trying to care about saving anyone when he can’t save Barry was particularly poignant. And tied well with Cisco’s desire, especially after Joe gave him a talk to bring him round, and he apologised to Iris. The fact the person he’s searching for is someone named Sue-who in the comics becomes his wife- is even more brilliant, so kudos to the writers for that.

Then, finally we got to Joe. The man who holds it all together whilst the world is burning around him. His conversations with Barry have become fan favourites and rightly so. There’s nothing like a bit of wisdom from Papa Joe. Here we saw the strength give way to mourning and grief, as he confessed he wasn’t ready for Barry to die. Tears were shed by this reviewer, I can tell you that, and if you don’t shed a tear watching them talk, you’re not human!

And then there was Wells, Nash Wells, who many believe is Pariah. His desire for some sort of tool from Cisco and Barry was revealed as being needed for him to track where the ‘Monitor’ was lurking. Why he wants to find the Monitor is anyone’s guess, but it’s definitely going to become more important as the season goes on and reaches that pivotal point.

Next week’s episode focuses on Cisco, and the potential return of Vibe. Watch the trailer below:

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