The Flash Season 6 Episode 11 Review

Another episode and another mystery. Following on from the last week’s cliffhanger we see the consequences.

Iris-is it Iris?- is able to cook good food, and is seemingly more bold and danger seeking than her real counterpart. Naturally this leads to an argument when Barry goes hyper protective and this Iris starts to fight back, leading to her going to Amunet with the device that the latter had been looking for.

It turns out the device is for a plant that can enable mind reading. Amunet and her ex Goldface, are fighting over it, and it seems there’s some sort of plan being put into the works here for it. Whether this is part of the wider Black Hole plan is proven wrong due to the plant being destroyed to sort out Amunet and Goldface’s fight.

Barry naturally feeling wounded, seeks Joe’s advice, cue a tree analogy which enables him to reconcile with Iris. The two celebrate Valentine’s Day, only for the viewer to see that that hasn’t been Iris at all, with the real Iris stuck in the mirror universe. So, who is that person impersonating Iris, and how did Barry not find out?

On the other side, Frost spends the episode trying to be a life coach for Allegra, eventually succeeding with some help from Nash, about living life in the grey. Frost clicks that maybe, just maybe Allegra is Nash’s daughter on another Earth. Interestingly enough, Nash sees a spectre of HR, what that could mean is anyone’s guess.

One does have to wonder whether Eva Mculloch is the one impersonating Iris, or if this is a negative Iris from the mirror universe, and if so, if that’s why Barry wasn’t able to spot the differences between his wife and this new version. Clearly, there are subtle changes, but one cannot forget that Iris was able to tell almost instantly that Barry wasn’t Barry but rather a Bloodwork controlled Flash, before Crisis, so what’s the deal here.

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