No UK Constituency Would Vote For Donald Trump

In a result that will do nothing to impact things across the Atlantic, but is nonetheless a funny statistic, a new poll has shown that not a single British constituency would vote for Donald Trump, if they were allowed to vote. 

Instead, the constituencies would reward Joe Biden with their vote, if they were able to vote on Tuesday 3rd November’s election. 

The survey was gathered from 3,991 British voters between October 9th and 15th was run through a model to calculate the estimated results for each parliamentary constituency in Britain. Its findings showed that those areas that are most in favour of Trump, are the less wealthy, coastal communities in England with Great Grimsby ranking as Britain’s most pro-Trump constituency area, though even there only 32.7 percent of voters chose Trump over Biden.

Rather interestingly, older Brits come out as Biden’s biggest fans. 83% of voters aged 65 or older and 80% aged between 55 and 64 would vote for the Democrat leader. Support is only slightly lower amongst youngsters with 73% of those aged between 18 and 24 choosing Biden over Trump.

Whilst the results should be taken with a pinch of salt due to the sample size, they do seem to indicate a larger trend in the UK. That trend being that the British public and establishment by and large seem to despise Donald Trump, and wish for a return to normalcy from the US.

Naturally, some of Trump’s biggest supporters in the UK have blamed negative press coverage of the man in the British press for the poll’s findings. Nigel Farage had this to say. “Trump has been portrayed as a monster by the UK press. From the moment he took office, virtually every media organisation has said bad things about him, even when he achieved remarkable things.”

Even though these poll findings will not change anything in America, Brits will still be keeping a close eye on the election results on November 3rd, and perhaps hoping that their American friends share their dislike ot Trump.

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