More Vaccine Rollouts

After the successful beginning of a rollout scheme for the Pfizer vaccine last week, the government plans to increase the rollout for others. 

GP practices in more than 100 locations in England will receive their first deliveries of the vaccine later today/this week, the NHS has said. Some GPs are expected to start vaccinating on Monday afternoon, with others expected to get underway on Tuesday.

All of this comes following the news that tens of thousands of people in the UK received the Pfizer-BioNTech jab last week in hospitals. 

As happened last week, GPs will prioritise those over 80 along with health and care staff.

All of this is good news as it suggests that the end of the tunnel is approaching. Whilst there is still some hesitancy in declaring that all will be well once everyone has been vaccinated, one cannot deny the positives that are emerging.

When one considers the current unemployment rate within the UK, the positive response to the vaccine so far, and the news that many more batches are expected to arrive can only be seen as a good thing. 

If we are to see any movement for generations of people into the workforce, then we must accept the tunnel’s darkness for a little longer. Hope is at the end.

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