The ghosts haunting Britain

Who do you think is Britain’s real strategic foe? Is it China who controls almost all of the supply chains we need to survive, and even has control over parts of our energy network? Or is it Russia, that old enemy from the Cold War, with their apparent disregard for the ‘rules based’ international order and democracy? Well, if you read the new integrated review that came out last week, then the answer would appear to be Russia. 

Whilst there certainly is a case for keeping an eye on Russia, I do not think that Russia should be considered our main threat. No, in my view, the main threats that the UK faces are much closer to home. They are the EU and the SNP.

But why are the EU and the SNP the main threats to the UK?

Well, for starters, the SNP quite literally wants to break the UK in half. It is a separatist party who should never have been allowed to form, but aside from that, it has brought all sorts of authoritarian and idiotic ideas to the fore. That includes the current hate crime bill being discussed in Scotland, that at one point could have made it illegal to say something offensive in your own home. That the bill has been passed despite its alarming contents suggests that there is a strand of virulent authoritarianism within Scotland’s political elites that will never go away. This authoritarianism seems to have trickled down to Westminster, where the current Police and Crime bill is being debated, and the right to protest is being whisked away, not to mention other proposals regarding toughening the hate speech laws that are currently in existence. 

More than that, the SNP has recently demonstrated such utter contempt for the processes that make up a parliamentary democracy it is a wonder that there haven’t been protests within Scotland. I speak of course of the recent decision by James Hamilton QC-the independent judge appointed by the SNP to investigate whether Nicola Sturgeon broke the ministerial code-that while Sturgeon may have given an ‘incomplete narrative of events’ to MSPs over her dealings with her predecessor Alex Salmond during the investigation into his sexual misconduct, she did not do so deliberately. 

Nicola Sturgeon has revealed her true nature here. She has in public been very gracious and said that Hamilton’s judgement vindicates her, whilst in private she has leaked statements to a broken press accusing the opposition of spreading fake news and trying to undermine her. This is despite messages being read out in Westminster by David Davis which suggest that the SNP government’s investigation into the whole affair was tainted by bias and an attempt to undermine Salmond from the get go, with there being evidence that one of the main SNP top brass tried to force other women to come forward to accuse Salmond so as to add strength to their claims. 

Was there so much as a peep from the SNP in response to Davis’ claims? Not that I have seen, instead they tried to bring up the usual ‘Westmonster’ nonsense to dissuade the press from covering his claims. Just as they tried to cause a divergence when it was revealed that James Wolffe QC, the Lord Advocate and a member of the Scottish cabinet redacted evidence which limited what the Scottish Parliament’s inquiry could focus on, and then threatened them with legal action if they went against agreed questions. 

Such blatant demagoguery and tyranny would not be accepted in Westminster by anyone, so why is it accepted in Scotland? The only reasonable answer I can think of is that Scotland is a one party state that has so captivated the imaginations of our political and chattering classes that they care not that the things they accuse the Tories of undermining, are actually being undermined in Holyrood. This is largely because the SNP present themselves a cuddly party, one that embraces diversity in gender, race and everything else that the rainbow brigade want, they are also fanatically pro-EU playing into the biases of the chattering classes, which means that they get a pass. A pass that has destroyed Scotland over the past decade and a half and is leaving it with little hope but to become a European satellite should it ever break from England. 

Then we come to the EU.

First the EU got into a huff because AstraZeneca said it might not be able to meet the immediate demands of transporting vaccines to the bloc. This led to the EU first demanding that the company meet its demand, then they unilaterally activated the Northern Ireland protocol which meant that vaccines might not have been able to leave the bloc into Britain, they then started a misinformation campaign.  Said campaign has seen the willingness of their own citizens to take the Astrazeneca vaccine plummet, potentially extending the bloc’s need to stay in lockdown as well as the potential risks to the populace as a whole. 

Instead of admitting their mistakes, the EU has instead decided that they will threaten to block exports of certain ingredients needed for the vaccine to the UK. Ursula von der Leyen has explicitly taken aim at countries that have a higher vaccination rate than the EU, meaning Britain. This is despite analysis suggesting that whilst such a ban would delay the UK’s rollout by two months it would only step up the EU’s by just one. 

The EU is also threatening legal action against the UK for what it claims are violations of the Brexit agreement. Something that is hysterical when one considers just how dirty the EU is playing in the race to get everyone vaccinated.

Of course, our chattering classes have said nothing about this. Instead, it seems as though they are trying to move focus away from what the EU is doing to try and harm the UK’s recovery, onto how the UK itself has provoked the EU!

Such treachery cannot and should not be tolerated. 

Just as with the SNP, we must recognise the EU as our most pressing threat and act to neutralise them. We must look to our own interests just as the SNP and the EU are doing. If that means breaking a treaty then we should do so, the EU have already shown that they are willing to do that. As for the SNP, the only solution there is to destroy them. They are a cancer on our country and like all cancers they must be eradicated by any means necessary.

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  1. Dear Vivek

    I think this is an excellent article. If you are all a Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan, you will understand my amusement in seeing you currently have 42 followers! I have written about 42 on my website.

    I have brief;ly browsed your site. I believe their is much i should look at, although as I struggle with my health at the moment and my eyesight, I may not get to look as much as I would like. There is so many other posts on the net worth reading too.

    You ask who is Britain’s real strategic foe. It is the EU yes, although to be specific it is really Germany which controls the EU. Germany who wants a world empire and has control of much of the economic power.

    I have written in part about this under my Covid 19 Summary page. If you research this you will see what I mean. Strictly it is Prussia which formed much of Germany at its unification under Bismark. Then more particular it is the Nazi/communists who are 2 sides of the same coin – i did not realise until last year that the communists in Russia were supported by Germany in the First World War to remove the threat of the East Front.

    This makes China under the CCP important of course, just not quite the main threat.

    Even that is not the whole story as there are 2 other threats interwoven into the first and I have yet to explain on my site.

    Thank you for your post, I am much encouraged to find another clear thinker. I will put your site as a favorite so I can find it more easily again.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson (please excuse the nom de plume but this I use on my site)


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