Audi Grandsphere-Christmas and the Future

What do cars and Santa have in common? 

Answer: They’re two things that cause people to feel excited no matter what age they are. So, why not include them in an ad together? 

That’s what Audi has done with the release of its new advert for its future Grandsphere car.

The advert itself is a clever mix of the Christmas spirit and the future wonders of driving.

By taking Santa Claus, a character associated with the joys and wonders of Christmas and removing the red suit, and the somewhat fat and jolly figure, and making him a lithe, suited businessman, Audi have upgraded Santa for their target audience.

Men and women who want to be seen as fashionable during the Christmas period.

By then giving him the Grandsphere concept to drive as his sleigh, they’ve added an extra hint of coolness. Now, the adults who once wondered what it would be like to be Santa as children, can imagine themselves oozing the class of Santa as an adult.

A job well done. 

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