Journalists love to whine

There seems to be a school of journalists who love to hate on their own country. You see it in the USA with The New York Times and Fox News, you see it in the UK with The Guardian and a whole host of other papers.

These papers seem to think that their country is uniquely bad, and that anyone who is proud of their institutions or history is some sort of naive bigot. It’s intolerable.

Recently, there was an article by some muppet in Slate about Prince Harry and his wife. 

The article talked about how it was baffling that the working class were patriotic and loved the monarchy and how they seemed to find Prince Harry and his wife intolerable. The journalist didn’t seem to think it was because it was because the duo are intolerable, lying, filthy hypocrites. No, instead, they seemed convinced it was because it was due to racism.

This of course ignores the fact that in the most recent studies done, Britain has been shown as the least racist country in Europe and the fact that Meghan Markle in the Sussex own Netflix documentary has claimed she never identified as black until she came to the UK.

Of course, this journalist doesn’t let facts get in the way. Instead they explain the bias the working class has against Harry and his wife, by citing the lack of historical knowledge Brits supposedly have about their own history.

They cite the lack of knowledge about the East India Company, the slave trade and other things. They then justify this by claiming they themselves weren’t taught this stuff in school and thus were left ignorant.

Perhaps they have a case, but to suggest that everyone who dislikes Harry and Meghan due to sharing the author’s own lack of knowledge about British history is insanity.

Some of us actually paid attention in school and when we wanted to learn more, we went to libraries (those places with a shit tonne of books, if this journalist and progressives like him know what those are) and bought other historical books.

What this whole thing suggests to me is that this journalist and other whiners like him are moaning because it’s trendy to. They don’t actually care about British history and what is and isn’t taught. And if they do, they don’t realise that curriculums are set to ensure students know enough to pass their exams. If they want to change the curriculum go right ahead, but sustain that demand throughout, not just when your little passion moan comes into play.

And if not, well, instead of wanking off over passion porn or whatever other degeneracy progressives follow nowadays, they could spend some time actually learning about British history, both the good and the bad, before lecturing the rest of us.

And before they use the school excuse, we all went to school, some of us just cared more at the time and continue to care. We aren’t virtue signallers. We actually want to understand our country.

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