No tolerance for differing views in the SNP

It seems the ever tolerant SNP have no space for differing views.

That’s what Kate Forbes, a candidate to replace Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader has found, mere hours after she made a comment to journalists stating that she would have voted against legalising gay marriage ‘as a matter of conscience.’ 

Given gay marriage was legalized in Scotland in 2014, and seems to be under no threat of being repealed given the high levels of support for it, one might wonder why this is an issue.

With the SNP being so big on tolerance for everything under the sun, you might wonder why Forbes’ comments have caused so much controversy. 

The answer it seems comes in two lots.

Firstly, Forbes is a devout Christian belonging to the socially conservative Free Church of Scotland, which is already a big red flag for the degenerate SNP leadership with their support for putting men in women’s prisons and so forth.

Secondly, the SNP seem terrified of insulting the gay community, or being perceived as insulting the gay community, despite the fact that Forbes did not say that if chosen as leader she would repeal the gay marriage act. 

It seems, in a desperate bid to signal their wokeness and progressive credentials the SNP are going to bury Forbes. Someone who could maybe have brought some colour to the shit stained party. 

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