The Flash-Season 6 Episode 1 Reivew

The Flash Season 6 begins right where we left off in Season 5, with Barry and Iris watching the last message their daughter Nora sent them. As they watch, something happens to the video message and it begins stuttering before immediately disappearing. Both Allens are visibly confused by this, but before they can do anything, they get a warning sign and have to move off to deal with something else.

The next scene we get is four months later, with The Flash fighting a ‘Godspeed,’ from the future allegedly, however, when the villain is defeated, it turns out to be a person who can’t do much other than emit a sound. From there, we get the basic frustration from the team and find out that that’s the fourth such villain they’ve dealt with in over the summer. Something which raises questions for the future episodes.

We then see the team at Joe and Cecile’s house as they have a barbecue and celebrate, though we see a bit of the undealt with grief for Iris when she learns that her father had thrown away some of the boxes kept in his garage. It later turns out that in one of those boxes was Nora’s old suit, which Irish had been keeping as a memento and for the future.

As the episode progresses, we meet Dr Ramsey Rosso a former colleague and friend of Caitlin’s whose mother has just died, the funeral provokes something in Caitlin and Frost making her hands go incredibly cold, though the reasons for that come back much later. Rosso will later try and convince Caitlin help him in preventing others from getting the disease that killed his mother, through using dark matter, which she will for the time being refuse.

The villain of the week, if it can be called that, is a guy who had been trying to create something through harvesting bits of junk and inadvertantly had got himself locked into a zone where he produced black holes in places that meant something to him. Getting to see the team deal with the trauma of losing Nora, and figuring out a way to save the guy and Central City without losing him as well was an interesting sight to behold. Eventually, they managed to do it.

The final scene sees the Monitor admit to cutting off the video from Nora, in order to dash Barry’s hope, though one gets the sense that he is being deliberately misleading, due to the deal he had made with Oliver, during the previous Cross Over. Especially as he gives the date of 10th December for Barry’s death, which is the date the crossover episode is for the Flash.

A strong opener from the Flash team, and a great way to begin introducing the elements for Crisis. Whether this continues throughout the season remains to be seen. But one thing I can say, is that excitement is warranted.

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