The Flash Season 6 Episode 18 Review

After the major reveal of the last episode, episode 18 starts with Joe being informed by Barry of the Mirror world, alongside the team being informed. Various schemes are trialled in how to get Iris and Kamilla out of there but none are quite up to scratch. Meanwhile in the actual mirror world, Iris discovers... Continue Reading →

The Flash Season 6 Episode 17 promo

Episode 17 starts with a failed experiment on the new speedforce generator, we get a call back to Season 1 with the coffee going up in the air, but unfortunately nothing more than that. Given what next week's episode features I have a feeling we'll be seeing that again. Then we move onto the main... Continue Reading →

The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

Two weeks flew by in a Flash-yes I'm using the pun, deal with it- and boy what an episode this week's episode was! We start with a plane nearly going down, which is stopped by Wally, who has returned for reasons that are more than just wanting to catch up with family. We learn that... Continue Reading →

The Flash-Season 6 Episode 1 Reivew

The Flash Season 6 begins right where we left off in Season 5, with Barry and Iris watching the last message their daughter Nora sent them. As they watch, something happens to the video message and it begins stuttering before immediately disappearing. Both Allens are visibly confused by this, but before they can do anything,... Continue Reading →

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