Flash Season 6 Episode 2 Review

Onto episode 2 of the Flash. After last week’s strong start, we pick up right where we left off, with Barry and Iris trying to deal with the news that his death is inevitable in the oncoming crisis. Neither person is quite able to deal with what they’ve learned and this is a theme that is repeatedly explored throughout the episode.

We see it in Barry’s attempts to find out what happens the day after his supposed death, and when he gets injured, and instead visits Earth 3, and sees in his mind what happens if he doesn’t die. The determination in him to sacrifice himself and the self doubt, is a powerful thing, and you can tell this is going to be a recurring theme in this season in the build up to Crisis. We’ve also got the added bonus of seeing John Wesley Shipp’s Jay Garrick’s wife portrayed as ever by the graceful and magnificent Michelle Harrison, and seeing how everyone responds to the fact she naturally looks like Barry’s deceased mother is something fascinating.

Elsewhere, we see Ralph and Cisco try and get Killer Frost to acclimatise to being out in the open and social. There are some teething problems such as when she casually insults Cisco’s girlfriend’s photographs and the art on display at her exhibition. But we then realise that she’s trying to find her own voice, and after a great pep talk from Cisco she eventually finds her voice through art and paintings.

Then there’s the case of Alegra Garcia and the crime she’s accused of. Tension between Joe and Cecile and the realisation that someone else is framing her, leads to the revelation of the big bad. It also gives Barry a chance to make the fight once more, and not go down with a whimper.

And then there’s Rosso’s attempt to heal himself from his disease which one gets the feeling is laying the ground work for Bloodwork.

Overall a great episode, this time it feels as if the Flash have gone everything nailed down and they’re not stretching themselves trying to cram everything in.

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