Harry and Megan In Africa, Documentary Thoughts.

It seems that everyone and their dog is trying to get a word in edgewise about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, especially after the documentary of their journey to Africa aired last night. And to be fair, why wouldn’t they? There was some pretty interesting stuff in there.

Apart from getting the chance to see just what sort of work the royal couple were doing in Africa, we also got to see some really personal moments. Tom Bradby presenting the whole thing for ITV did a great job at presenting the thing from a neutral standpoint, but also asking some seriously pressing questions of the royal couple. That they gave the candid answers they did, perhaps suggests that in a scenario where they are familiar with the reporter and trust them-as Prince Harry no doubt does with Bradby having known him for 20 years- their answers are more forthcoming.

There were some clear statements about why the royal couple were focusing on Africa, and why they felt that it was important for them to put their money where their mouth was, or in this case show up and make a commitment to continue doing hard work. There was also an admission from Harry that perhaps he and his brother were at odds over somethings, but as the press seem to have forgotten, they are still brothers and in Harry’s own words ‘will always be there for one another.’ Which makes it seem like they are like any other pair of siblings, trying to keep in touch whilst making their own way in the world. Whilst having the eyes of the world on you.

Then there was the press distortions, as they were framed in the documentary over the Duchess of Sussex, Harry being clear he would always protect his family. Megan admitting that she had perhaps been naive, but that there had not been a sense of fair play. And having observed the press coverage of their relationship over time, one has to agree with them. Minor things have been blown out of proportion and anything that breaks protocol gets criticised.

One does have to think though that the press is only doing this because they know it will get a reaction. A sad state of affairs for the British press, as one gets the feeling that they would not like it if someone kept poking them as often as they poke the Duke and Duchess. Something will have to give, but what that something is, only the Duke and Duchess know. Let us hope we do not have another Diana incident on our hands.

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