The Flash Season 6 Episode 3

It’s lurking over everything in the Arrowverse it seems. Crisis, the monster that has a name but a solution does not seem in sight. That’s how it seems when we meet the Team in this week’s episode. Interestingly enough Barry and Iris withhold the information that Barry’s fated to die, though they tell them about the impending deaths of everyone else that the Monitor foretold. One has to wonder why the writers keep going down this path when previous seasons have shown what happens when Barry doesn’t tell the team the full picture.

Then again, they’re busy chasing the victim of Rosso’s work earlier in episode 2, with the whole shebang regarding dark matter and the search to find him and to stop him killing more people. This involves a team up between Rosso and the team, whilst Killer Frost doesn’t trust him, and rightly so. Especially when Barry catches him trying to steal some of the dark matter for his own use. They talk though, and Barry even after six years still gives into the instinct to trust people, when he really shouldn’t.

Eventually, with Frost’s help-they’ve become a team, and she even talks about her own anger and grief if it can be called that- they manage to catch the victim and stop him from doing anymore harm, though at the risk of Rosso now knowing what he needs to do to get more powerful.

Elsewhere we see Ralph and his Mum and we get a bit of her backstory, which is always nice, though it did seem a bit out of the blue. Still, there was some nice touchy feely stuff in the episode with these two, which was nice. Shows that it’s not all complete darkness or distance this season.

And finally, we see another version of Harrison Wells, this one being Harrison Nash Wells. Cisco and Iris try and figure out what he wants, he blows them off, and at the end we see him finding the thing he was looking for. We know Tom Cavanagh is playing Pariah-the dude who unleashed Anti Monitor in the comics by mistake- so this is going to be interesting to see what arc he’s given this time around.

Another memorable moment is Barry and Iris finally realising they need to tell the rest of the team the truth. At least now we won’t get another few episodes of unsure actions and guilt. Seeing how everything plays out as Crisis draws near is going to be fascinating.

A promo for next week’s episode on the CW can be viewed below:

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