Arrow Season 8 Episode 2 Review

Grief, that’s what hangs over this week’s episode of Arrow. Earth Two is gone, snuffed out by the Anti matter, or perhaps the Anti Monitor, and there is rage, a burning desire for justice and a sense of hopelessness. And that’s all within the first few minutes of the episode. Something that dark hasn’t happened in Arrow since Season 1.

This week, we see Oliver in Hong Kong, being tasked with getting one Dr Robert Wong for the Monitor. Why the Monitor wants the Doctor, we do not know, but Oliver has to go through hell in a hand basket to get him. Starting out with trying to deal with a gang fight, and a grieving Laurel, to moving onto a fight with the Triad and China White, before they finally click as to what’s going on. The same virus that killed Tatsu’s (remember her?) husband and son in Season 1, is being made again by Dr Wong, and China White wants it.

Oliver makes a deal with China White, he’ll give her the virus in return for Wong. The deal naturally goes sideways, a fight breaks out, and Tatsu is only stopped from being killed by the appearance of Laurel and Lyla-or Harbringer, another great Crisis hint!- and from there they get Wong and the virus back whilst White disappears into the river or lake or whatever it is they’re fighting near.

But where were Lyla and Laurel this whole time? Well, they were off trying to fix the breaching device so Laurel could get to Earth 2. But, naturally it didn’t work because Earth 2 is gone. Consequently, there was grief and anger, before Laurel gradually came to, after a long conversation with Lyla.

In 2040, things were going backwards and forwards, the most intriguing plot point being the Diggle brother conflict, reflecting what happened during the season with Damien Darkh.

The finale moments saw Oliver decide to go to the League of Assassins to get answers, and Lyla meeting the Monitor to confirm Wong is in her possession.

The big question, what game is the Monitor playing, and is it in fact the Monitor? Especially given Oliver is convinced he’s going to die, but the Monitor has told the Flash that he is the one scheduled to die.

A promo for Episode 3 can be viewed below:

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