The Flash Season 6 Episode 10 Review

So, here we are, the first episode after Crisis and the new world of changes is upon us.

Barry tries to deal with his grief and the feeling of living up to Oliver’s legacy by going to Lian Yu and chasing after a ghost, due to a stain on Oliver’s old mask. Eventually he realises that Oliver wanted him not to go chasing some big conspiracy, but simply to live in the moment and not to forget that. A poignant message for these times.

Then there’s Cisco and his fallout from Crisis. The guilt he feels about not having his powers and him trying to deal with whether he actually regrets it or not is palpable. And him eventually deciding to go off and keep track on the events of the new Earth is an interesting choice, maybe he will feature in some of the other shows. However, him losing his powers once more seems a massive cop out from the show writers. His little gesture to Nash was nice though.

Finally, we’ve got Iris and the big deal with Black Hole. It is nice to see her actually doing some journalism, after six seasons of her floundering through it all. The conspiracy is real, and I expect that as things progress we’re going to see some fascinating things develop. Especially with her having gone into the Mirror World.

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