Arrow Season 8 Episode 10: The Finale

The end. Eight years, eight seasons and a hell of an adventure all came to an end last night. Arrow, a show that built on what Smallville started and expanded it ended the way it started, with a bang.

There’s a bit of drama when William is kidnapped by a man Oliver let live eight years ago, and though that might hint toward the pilot that was aired in the last episode, it’s ended quite quickly.

The main premise of this episode is everyone reflecting on their time with Oliver and how he brought them all together. Felicity, Roy, Lance, Moira, Tommy and Emiko all make returns, and we learn that Lance, Moira and Tommy never actually died, due to Oliver’s work as the Spectre.

Mia and Felicity meet, and it is quite emotional, a scene that is brought to life by the acting of both Emily Bett Rickards and Katherine McNamara. Roy and Thea agree to get married, another loose end tied off.

The funeral is emotional, and the speech is heartfelt.

And then right at the end we see John Diggle get the ring everyone’s been hoping for since season’s start.

A great way to sign of a show that has given so much to so many. Oliver Queen You Have Not Failed This City.

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