The Flash Season 6 Episode 12

The discovery of Sue Dearborn, and what an adventure it was. We meet her in an apartment that explodes, she leads Ralph and the viewer through a wild goose chase, convincing them that her ex is a criminal mastermind who is trying to killer her, and as such she needs to gather enough evidence to stop him.

The former is true, the latter? Not so much. After getting the diamond which she’d claimed was a ledger initially, she locks Ralph in the cell, and tries to skidaddle, only for Ultraviolet to appear and for them to fight. She flees, and Ultraviolet disappears.

Ralph is left angry and frustrated over this, though in the final scene of the episode we see Sue scanning the diamond with images of Ralph and Carver on her wall, saying “Game on.” Now whether this means she’s something more or just waging her own war, remains to be seen.

Let’s now move to the Mirror World, where Iris meets Eva McCullough, the wife of the man behind Black Hole. She appears slightly unhinged at first, but on closer inspection one must think this is an act, largely due to the fact that she’s seen her husband’s activities throughout her time in the mirror, and therefore must know about his dealings. Eventually, we see her ability to control the mirror and the hints that she is Mirror Master.

Iris in the real world continues down her pathway and one must think her desire to get the mirror gun is to destroy the mirror in Eva’s room to prevent real Iris from coming back.

Nash Wells continues to be haunted by the ghost of Earth 2 Harrison Wells, which makes me think something big is coming from all of that.

And there’s the whole thing that there might be a corrupt cop in CCPD allowing Carver to get away with crimes.

Let’s see where this is all going.

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