The Flash Season 6 Episode 13

Crisis continues to bring ripple effects into play in The Flash, this time with Hartley Rathway now a villian-again- and stealing all kinds of shit. Barry spends part of the episode trying to reconcile with that whilst also trying to find his parents graves. Chester and Kamila make a return and one imagines we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in future episodes.

The real meat of the episode is when Barry is toying around with a device to test Gideon and ends up getting zapped into a mindscape. Grodd’s mindscape to be precise. We see interactions with Wellsebard and Caitlin through Grodd’s eyes, and we then learn that Grodd has changed and wants to leave his prison. Eventually, the Flash and Grodd work together, merging their neural pathways into one to defeat Solivar before separating at the point of departure. Grodd is later let out but with a tracker implanted within him.

Iris and Eva meanwhile try and get things sorted, but fail. Only for Eva to reveal when Iris is gone that she knows exactly what is happening and that she can control everything. On the other side, Mirror Iris steals Joe’s files on Carver, suggesting that Eva wants to know everything there is to know about what her husband has been up to.

Then there’s Nash, who continues to see the different Wells’, building a thing to try and take them out and deal with them. It fails and Allegra learns she looks like Nash’s daughter. Nash eventually tries to talk to her about it, but before he can, he’s stopped by one of the Wells’ who with glowing red eyes says “He is coming.” No doubt a nod to the return of Eobard Thawne.

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