The Flash Season 6 Episode 15

Well Coronavirus is fucking up everything else, but we still get a few more episodes at least!

Episode 15 was an absolute banger. With Thawne’s return and the gradual reveal of what Eva McCullough wants.

Let’s start with Eva, her desire is to get a refractor that will enable her to begin the process of coming out of the mirror world, so she tasks Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla with getting the device. Unbeknownst to her, her husband also wants it, and has sent a villain named Sunshine to get it. Sunshine stops Frost, and takes advantage of Barry’s speed failing to almost get the refractor before being stopped thanks to Joe and CCPD. A pep talk from Iris makes Barry realise just what Sunshine’s weakness is, the dark. And so, they manage to get her, whilst the diamond is handed over to Argos-atleast that’s what we thought- for the episode’s end reveals that MIrror Iris and Mirror Kamilla managed to get the refractor and they hand it to Eva. Singh’s reappearance in this episode seems too convenient to not be relevant to this plot.

In terms of Wells and Thawne, they try multiple things to get him out of Nash, before eventually realising that a memory is what is giving Thawne power over Nash. Thus Barry and Cisco enter, convince Nash to face his deepest and darkest fear-the death of Maya, his daughter- and emerge triumphant. Of course the process involves Thawne taunting Barry, but Barry remembering the love he feels for Nora and Iris eventually overcomes this and Thawne disappears from Nash’ conscience. Though I do not think we’ve seen the last of him yet.

This episode was a great way to bring ends together, and stoke the intrigue of what is to come. I really want to know where everything goes with Black Hole and Thawne, and how Nora’s journal is going to help them create their own speedforce. Of course with Coronavirus running amok who the fuck knows when we might get answers.

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