The Flash Season 6 Episode 16 Reviewed

It’s been forever since we were in The Flash universe, and this first episode since the lockdown was quite a big one.

Joseph Carver in an attempt to get Captain West off his case employs the service of Rag Doll to kill West. Initial attempts fail so Rag doll kidnaps Cecile and forces Joe to make a trade, eventually thanks to Joe’s own ingenuity both he and Cecile are saved. Joe did get Carver to reveal that he is indeed a criminal, though, which should come into play later.

In Mirror World, Iris is finally able to get the patterns working to find a potential solution for how she and Eva can get out. On the other hand, Eva uses Mirror Iris to drain Barry of his speed, so that she can be the one to deal with her husband. Mirror Iris does this by realising that when Barry is anxious or sad his speed quantity lessens. After dealing with Carver, he and Mirror Iris get into a fight, this Iris slams him and mentions that she and Barry are now equal as they’ve both lost their parents. She kicks Barry out, his speed gauge is at red, and as he leaves it seems he realises that Iris isn’t his Iris (finally!)

We also get a brief Ralph and Sue reunion, with them meeting at a Banking dinner that she’s attending under alias. And again at another bank. We discover that Sue’s been stealing money from various banks to pay off a ransom that is being used against her parents, supposedly by Joseph Carver. Before she leaves, Sue returns the diamond she stole to Ralph, telling him he might find something interesting it, because she did.

Finally, we learn that Singh is indeed working for Eva and may well be a mirror version.

It’s all heating up, hopefully the episodes remaining are on point!

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