The Flash Season 6 Episode 17 promo

Episode 17 starts with a failed experiment on the new speedforce generator, we get a call back to Season 1 with the coffee going up in the air, but unfortunately nothing more than that. Given what next week’s episode features I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that again.

Then we move onto the main act, Barry and Iris. Barry’s realised that mirror Iris is a fraud and thus spends his time trying to figure out who or what she is. This leads to a confrontation at Star Labs and Iris being scanned by a device that would tell if she were real or not. It doesn’t work on her, but works on Barry, leading to Barry being locked in the pipeline. We learn through a flashback that Eva had informed Mirror Iris of this possibility and therefore switched the devices at the last second.

Eventually, however, Mirror Iris and Barry confront one another, a fight ensues, but as Barry talks with her, and the real Iris talks to Eva, we see Mirror Iris accept her humanity and slowly disintegrate, ending her whilst leaving real Iris stuck in the Mirror World.

That whole conversation wouldn’t have happened without the visit by the mirror gang to Bloodwork. Mirror Kamila dies freeing Bloodwork, but he refuses to leave for good and instead gives them a sample of his blood. That sample is later used to free Eva.

Iris meanwhile has discovered the truth about Eva and in trying to get out is captured and learns far more about Eva and Blackhole.

A great episode and one that bodes well for next week.

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