The Madness Of The Week So Far (4.5.20-5.5.20)

Welcome to The Madness Of The Week, where I gather some of the absolutely insane takes of the week, so that you don’t have to.

We’re only two days into the week, but already there have been some absolute corkers.

Take this article in the Independent that claims that manspreading has spread to running. What exactly is manspreading? It’s where men apparently take up more space than they need to. Usually the bugbear comes about on trains and other transport, where because men have balls and a penis between their legs, sitting with them closed is painful. So, how has this come to appear during a run? Fucked if I know, dear reader. It seems the author doesn’t like the fact that men are trying to get through their run, and because this woman has a weird habit of making herself smaller whilst avoiding contact, they’re going to take this advantage to get through. If the woman wants men to adhere to the obnoxious rules she does, she should tell them, or assert her dominance.

Then there was an article by Lucy Mangan, where she complained about how every man she’s slept with does something that deprives her of sleep. She went onto talk about how this is not just a her issue, but a feminist and therefore female issue. She suggests the women reading her piece take matters into their own hands and get violent with their partners. Said article was quickly deleted from the website it was posted to, but the internet is forever. One wonders if Lucy Mangan has done some critical thinking and realised perhaps she needs to choose better men? Probably not.

Away from the apparent man bashing for a moment, and into the world of absurdity. Sarah Vine, journalist and wife to Michael Gove tweeted a picture of her husband’s bookshelf for some absurd reason. This consequently drew outrage when it was noted that the bookshelf contained a book by Holocaust denier Irving, and a book entitled The Bell Curve to do with race and IQ. This generated the outrage you would expect, with academics chiming in to say that it was unacceptable for a government minister to have such books on his shelf, whilst others pointed out that it made sense he’d have the books considering he’d sat on committees under David Cameron aimed at tackling anti-Semitism and racism. All in all, it seems people just want something to pick a fight over.

A Labour councillor was caught on video…not doing anything inappropriate mind you. All he was doing was aiding in community relief efforts in Kensington, though it was with the Tory council members. This led to him being warned by the party, and being threatened with having the whip withdrawn unless he got the video taken down. What prompted this absolute absurdity from the party of Hezbollah and IRA supporting idiots is uncertain. Needless to say it seems Labour’s got their priorities right, as per.

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