The Madness Of The Week Continued

So, the week’s not yet done, and the madness continues.,

Professor Neil Ferguson, the man responsible for shaping Britain’s coronavirus lockdown strategy has had to quite as a government advisor. All because he couldn’t keep it in his pants and broke lockdown rules. One Antonia Staats had crossed London from her family home at least twice since lockdown to visit him. The outrage that has followed has been a mixture of hilarity at Ferguson breaking lockdown to get his end away, but also downright anger at an expert responsible for others not being able to see their loved ones, breaking the law. Very much one rule for me and another for thee. Like the SNP medical advisor.

Another hypocrite can be found in Nigel Farage. Not content with accusing others of hypocrisy for flouting lockdown rules, the leader of the Brexit Party decided to make two trips to Dover to report on illegal immigrants. Unfortunately for Nigel, his rallying cry against illegals coming over here and breaking our laws, meant he was in fact breaking the law. Like any good hypocrite though, Nigel has decided to call himself a key worker and say the police were wasting their time. Nigel, just eat the shit and accept you were wrong, oh and fuck off whilst you’re at it.

This article in Unherd highlights just how weird the Democrats have become with their fear and obsession with Trump. The various doomsday scenarios that Democrats seem to think will happen should Trump lose the election-and if he loses to Biden then he really didn’t deserve the office to begin with-suggest that they really don’t know what they’re on about. If they win, it will be an upset.

Listen to the experts and follow the science, that’s the advise we’re given when it comes to climate change and almost everything else, but when the government decides to follow the science when it comes to coronavirus they face criticism. Why? Because ‘the science’ is not one single blob. There are disagreements and there are contradicting claims, and everyone is motivated by power and politics. Such is the way of life now, especially with a group of rival scientists led by former Labour advisor Dr King claiming the government and its scientific advisors have gone against standard practise. Welcome to the end of reason and calls of conspiracy. Maybe now people will stop deriding the people for following their own thoughts and going with their gut. I doubt it though.

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