New Evidence Emerges In Michael Flynn Case

New evidence has emerged in regards to Michael Flynn, the disgraced general and former National Security Advisor that places the FBI in hot water.  Newly disclosed documents from the FBI have highlighted how former head of FBI Counterintelligence Peter Strzok ordered the Flynn investigation be kept open even after it was supposed to be closed due to a lack of derogatory information. These new documents have emerged after current FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that several agents could be under internal investigation for how they carried themselves during the Flynn and other investigations.

For those who have forgotten about Michael Flynn, here is a brief refresher. Flynn, a former general who had served under President Obama and been dismissed, was named President Trump’s National Security Advisor, but was forced to resign just 24 days into his new term of office. His resignation came after a recording of his conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December, 2016, was leaked to the press. The recording proved that Flynn had been lying to the FBI about speaking with Kislyak and about the contents of their conversation. It was also used by various Anti-Trumpers as proof of a wider conspiracy involving Russia’s efforts to get Trump elected President in order to have a puppet in the White House.

Of course, the conspiracy which then took the form of the Mueller investigation found very little evidence of actual collusion, disappointing a great many people, and supposedly vindicating Trump and his supporters. The release of these new documents suggests that the conspiracy that led to the Mueller investigation might well have been forced through and might even have used spurious grounds to get the ball rolling.

Included within the documents is an email by FBI lawyer Lisa Page to the aforementioned Strzok in which she suggests warning Flynn that lying to the FBI is a crime, but to do it as unobtrusively as possible to get his hackles up. In other words, it seems as though they were trying to entrap him into perjuring himself.  As Andrew McCarthy has explained, it appears that the FBI weren’t actually looking for Flynn’s help, they wanted to catch him out and make him deny saying something they knew he’d actually said, given that they had a recording of his entire conversation.

All of this makes it even more alarming that as is pointed out in The Hill, the reasons given for investigating Flynn in the first place were the fact that he was ‘a member of the Trump Campaign, he had ties (whatever those might be) to various Russian state affiliated entities, he travelled to Russia and had a high level top secret clearance.” Not, you’ll notice that he might have actually committed a crime.  Given the positions that Flynn had held or was about to hold, having the clearance he did and the activities he did is not unusual. As the incoming National Security Advisor, it would be strange had he not spoken to the Russian Ambassador.

The fact that the FBI specifically stated they were investigating Flynn because he was an advisor to Trump and that the grunt workers who wished to close the case to begin with stated that there had never actually been a basis for investigating Flynn to begin with are both particularly chilling statements and do nothing  to dissuade anyone thinking that this was an actual witch hunt.

Indeed, it does appear as though the FBI was pursuing a vendetta potentially inspired by President Obama’s well known dislike of General Flynn, and fears over a change of policy in regards to Russia from the Trump administration. The failure to hand these notes and emails over to Flynn’s lawyers is shocking and will do little to restore confidence in the FBI.

As information from these leaked documents have come to light, Flynn and his lawyers have stated that they wish to challenge his original plea, which of course has drawn derogatory comments from those who were invested in his initial investigation such as the Washington Post. However, to anyone who isn’t still hooked on the Russiagate conspiracy, the new evidence provided by these documents suggests that the FBI were so desperate to find a justification for their fear of Trump they jumped to the first available source. It is very possible that an innocent man was wrongly convicted.

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