13/5/20 Madness

Madness continues to be the order of the day.

First up, Bryan Adams has been called racist and has apologised after a twitter rant in which he slated ‘bat eating, wet market selling greedy bastards’ for causing the current pandemic and preventing him from performing at the Royal Albert Hall.  Adams wasn’t wrong and shouldn’t have apologised. It does seem as though the wet markets in Wuhan were partially responsible for the virus pandemic currently sweeping the world. Anyone suggesting he was being racist needs to check their thinking. Not every Chinese person shops at the wet market, to suggest they do, as some of those calling out Adams, seem to be doing, is in fact racist.

In a move that will shock nobody The World Health Organisation, otherwise known as the WHO, has said it cannot invite Taiwan to attend meetings of its general assembly due to ‘objections from members.’ This comes hot on the heels of China berating New Zealand for supporting Taiwan. Seeking a world body like this get so badly whipped by the Chinese is embarrassing. It begs some serious questions of the fitness of the organisation and whether it should remain following the pandemic.

Then there’s this article by Politico which focuses on the rise of conspiracy theories as a consequence of the virus. It seems that those most likely to fall for the conspiracies are those who were already disenfranchised with their world and as such are likelier to believe the bullshit being spun. Nonsense being uttered by the President and other senior figures has helped increase belief in them. Focus on people like George Soros and Bill Gates follows the age old tradition of hating the elites etc and suspecting them of trying to increase their power.

In Tamil Nadu, a government official has been caught on camera toppling a cart of vegetable and fruit and yelling at the cart owner. When questioned as to why he was being such a dick, the official said he was stressed. The man claimed that the carts weren’t supposed to be where they were, despite government advise suggesting the carts were okay on the side of the road. All in all, another prick in the wall.

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