12/5/20 Madness Of The Week

The madness this week is strong. We’re only two days in but already we have some blinders.

Like this madness from Kenneth Roth, the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch. Roth attacked the French’s government decision to mandate the wearing of facemasks whilst still banning the burqa as Islamophobic. Why is this a mad tweet? Because not only is there disagreement over whether the burqa is actually mandated in Islam but the law in question bans face coverings in all circumstances, not just for Muslims, therefore, Roth is demonstrating some serious negligence and ignorance. Naturally, the new law mandating face masks which display the eyes and nose and other visible features of the face other than the mouth would necessitate full veils etc not being allowed, and as such this is another stink being kicked up for no reason.

Then there’s this little hot tweet, from a tweeter and YouTuber in which she apologies to her followers for saying that those without a uterus should not be commenting on abortion. It seems someone called her out for being transphobic and so she quickly gave ground. It’s a mad tweet because in fairness one can see her point, if you don’t have a uterus and aren’t giving birth, why should you have a view on whether a woman should get an abortion. Of course the argument to that is that if you’re the father of the child and are involved with the woman considering the abortion you should be consulted. But then, does the final decision rest with the woman who would carry the child, with you both or neither? Ultimately, this is a sticky topic and the tweeter I don’t think should’ve backed down.

Confusion over the government’s messaging following their press conference on Sunday has given rise to all sorts of odd complaints. People demanding to know more about what they can do, effectively demanding to be led by the hand toward realisation paints us all in a rather bad picture. Indeed, Boris felt the need to come out and clarify things again yesterday. It really makes you wonder just how fucking stupid some people are that they can’t understand simple messaging. Maybe we do need an authoritarian government.

Obamagate has become a buzzword around the Trump Whitehouse. Why? Because Barack Obama couldn’t keep his mouth shut and is on record criticising Trump for his handling of the coronavrius crisis and for the Department of Justice deciding to drop its investigation into General Flynn. Naturally Trump retaliated by using newly released documents from the FBI which suggest there was some sort of foul play at hand, to suggest Obama was involved in some sort of conspiracy against him. The shit house just continues.

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