Trump and Covid

This should’ve been seen from a mile away. President Trump testing positive for Covid-19 is perhaps one of the most hilarious and also least hilarious stories to emerge out of this entire shitstorm. After the President tested positive for Covid on Friday, there was a large reaction-understandably so- and many commentators waited with baited breath to see how the President and the so called leader of the free world would handle this latest development. 

The answer? In his usual flippant and showman style.

The President was admitted to hospital and continued to tweet relentlessly, he also staged a drive by to ensure a photo op for his fans and supporters. On top of this, the President seemed to want to push a certain narrative, as can be seen by his supporters tweeting  out conspiracies regarding the Democrats and China, all of which received friendly retweets from those closely associated with the big man himself. 

Naturally this has all raised some serious confusion from everyone about just how ill the President actually is. The White House exerted serious capital during the weekend to try and minimize just how bad the President’s condition was, and yet details of the cocktails of therapies that the man is taking, suggest that the man may well be experiencing complications from the disease, even though doctors have suggested he could return to work on Monday. This follows an acknowledgement from White House Physician Navy Cmdr Dr Sean Conley that he didn’t tell the full truth about Trump’s condition the day before-including the two drops in oxygen levels the man experienced- to avoid dampening the ‘upbeat’ official line on the President’s health. 

This has consequently given rise to a host of theories regarding the President and whether he actually has Covid. From Michael Moore to Star Trek actress Marina Sirtis, and even CNN have speculated that Trump may well be lying about having Covid, whether it’s to get the sympathy vote in November’s election or to avoid facing another debate, they can’t quite agree, but they do believe he may be faking it. Others seem to think that Trump may actually be more unwell than is being let on, and that as such this deserves a national emergency. 

These theories will not have been helped-or maybe they would have been- by Trump himself. In a video released on Sunday, the President said that he had learned a lot about Covid that he wanted to share with the country. The video which seemed more like a boast than anything else, has raised questions as to just what the President has learned and if he will finally take it seriously.

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