No signs of infection after test concert in Spain

Good news for the live entertainment industry, researchers in Spain found no sign of higher levels of infection amongst concert goers who attended a show last month.

Six people tested positive within two weeks of attending the show in Barcelona but the incidence was lower than that seen within the general population. 

Given that around 5000 music fans took part in the concert after testing negative for Covid and went with masks but sans social distancing this is quite big news.

It gets better though.

Of the six people who tested positive, researchers have concluded that four of them were infected elsewhere and not at the event.

The show went ahead at the Spanish government’s behest to test how things went.

With the rate of infection of attendees being half the rate of the people of the same age in Barcelona, it seems that things are progressing positively.

With this good news ahead of us, there are positive signs for the development of the music industry and its return to live shows in the future.

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