Spain Celebrates Lifting Of Lockdown

202 days after nationwide coronavirus restrictions were imposed, Spain took to the streets to celebrate on Sunday morning to celebrate their removal.

Thousands gathered in the central squares of most of the Kingdom’s cities to celebrate, with videos on social media showing people drinking and singing, some even broke out into the famous Italian war song ‘Bella Ciao’ as the restrictions were removed at midnight. 

In Barcelona, officers had to remove 6500 people from 31 different street parties, largely because drinking alcohol on the streets is prohibited in the old city.

Madrid’s Mayor condemned the street parties, reminding revelers that outdoor drinking was not allowed in his city and that ‘freedom is not defined by the breaking of rules.’ 

The lifting of measures is expected to lead to an increase in travel within Spain, with several regions unsealing their borders in an attempt to bring more travel and tourism. Sales of vacation packages have shot up by 68% in the last week according to online travel agency

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