Adil Ray’s Brain Rot

You see an image on Twitter, it is of the National Crime Agency and Border Patrol taking away two people-brown people-in the image is also Priti Patel, Home Secretary of the United Kingdom. What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Well, if you’re Adil Ray, the noted writer, actor and producer, it’s apparently immediate condemnation of Priti Patel. 

In a tweet with the photo present, Ray says ‘Priti Patel’s parents & mine were told to leave Uganda & Kenya, in some cases to save their lives. After much protest (at one point they wanted to dump them on the Falklands) UK let them in. To think years later a daughter of that generation would pose for a photo opp like this.’

Which other than reeking of the sort of idiotic hatred spewed against Priti Patel, is also woefully ignorant.

Because, I don’t know if you know this Adil, but the man being taken away in that photo is part of a smuggling ring, trafficking people.

Indeed, as the National Crime Agency stated. “People smugglers are ruthless, treating migrants as a commodity and they do not care about the safety of those they transport. We have seen this, tragically in recent and historic mass fatalities.”

“That is why Operation Symbolry is a significant investigation into a wide-ranging criminal network involving people smuggling, moving migrants illegally in both directions across the border of the UK and France.”

“We believe the arrests today, coupled with actions we have already taken, will end activities of that network.”

Now, last time I checked, Adil, people smuggling was against the law and a violation of the UN Charter of Human Rights.

Maybe, you’re okay with people smuggling, but I, and most other decent human beings are not.

Maybe before you and others start trying to shame Priti Patel, you might do a bit of research into what she and the Home Office are tasked with.

It might do you some good.

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