AI Used To Monitor Uyghur

AI can be used to reveal your emotional state, and it’s being used in China.

The BBC has revealed that a camera system using AI and facial recognition is being used to reveal a person’s emotional state, and is being tested on Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

A software engineer spoke with the BBC and claimed to have installed such systems in police stations in Xinjiang.  The engineer showed the BBC five photographs of Uyghur detainees who he claimed had had the emotion recognition system tested on them.

“The Chinese government uses Uyghurs as test subjects for various experiments.” He said. The man went on to outline his role in installing the cameras in police stations: “We placed the emotion detection camera 3m from the subject. It is similar to a lie detector but far more advanced technology.”

According to the engineer, the software creates a pie chart with a red segment representing anxious or negative states of mind, and that it was intended for judgement without any credible evidence. 

This claim is yet another shocking example of how the Chinese regime is violating the basic tenets of human rights. 

Uyghurs are already being asked to provide regular DNA samples to local officials, undergo digital scans and download a government app onto their phones that gathers their contacts and text messages. All to supposedly monitor them for suspicious behaviour. 

The country is already infamous for having a mass surveillance state that would make Orwell shit himself, so, it should not be too much of a stretch to imagine that this AI feature is being tested.

The continued debasement of the Uyghurs is appalling and more needs to be done to free them from the Chinese government’s iron grip.

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