Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

Crisis has come and gone, Oliver is dead, and now all that's left are those who fought alongside the Green Arrow on his journey to becoming something else. It was always going to feel weird to watch Arrow without Oliver Queen, the man who made Star City safe, and the man who created the Arrowverse,... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 8 Episode 7 Review

A return to purgatory for Oliver, and a venture to make the weapon needed to prepare the team for Crisis. This season has been building up to this very moment. Oliver and the team deal with the usual heartbreak and panic. Lyla reveals how she came to know the Monitor and how long she's been... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 8-Episode 6 Review

The entirety of this season of Arrow, which in case you've forgotten is the final season, has been about the set up to Crisis and the aftermath. This week's episode is no different. With Oliver waking up in his apartment with memories of being betrayed by Lyla fresh in his mind, he meets Future Team... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 8 Episode 5 Review

What an episode! Arrow continues to deliver in its final season, this time we see the gang head to Russia to try and find the necessary materials to build a weapon that could destroy the Monitor. Oliver and Mia start the episode of training, and when they venture to Russia, there is tension as there... Continue Reading →

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