Arrow Season 8 Episode 4 Review

Crisis and Consequence. Those are the themes of this season of Arrow. As the clock continues to countdown to the finale of what has been one of the best shows on television, this week’s episode showed what happened with the Future Team Arrow now in the present.

We’ve got the inevitable consequences of the future being in the present. The conflict, the tension. The sense that the future is holding something back, whilst the future resents the present. Mia resenting her father for abandoning her and her mother in that sense.

The Deathstroke gang and their attempts to begin the events that are currently fucking up 2040 are the focus or rather the backdrop for this episode. Everything comes out after an aborted attempt by Future Team Arrow to stop Grant Wilson.

Everyone is trying to handle the consequences of the secrets and the future. Renee and Diggle through anger, Oliver through brooding, as does Mia. William’s just happy to have his father back, and comes out to Oliver, a moment that is actually quite sweet.

Slowly over time, things get to working together, there’s a sense that they might finally be able to work together and get things through. Oliver prevents Mia from killing Wilson, and that moment plus a conversation at his parents’ graves helps her thaw toward him.

Renee starts his run for mayor of the Glades, whilst Dinah and Laurel start talking and relaxing, and preparing for the Canaries. Diggle and Connor start training and practising and trying to get to know one another.

Right at the end though, Curtis reveals what’s needed to stop the Monitor, whilst the Monitor dangles restoring Earth 2 in front of Laurel, if she betrays Oliver.

Just what this things game is is the biggest mystery so far. Team Flash think Barry is still going to die, Nash is hunting the Monitor. And Oliver is trying to stop the Monitor. Just what is the Monitor’s end game?

This season is going out with a bang. I cannot believe that it might be coming to an end.

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