The Flash Season 6 Episode 5 Review

Episode Five of what is turning out to be the greatest season of The Flash, starts with Barry and Iris going off on a short vacation to get away from the madness. They leave Cisco in charge, with his new AI entitled B.A.R.I.

Initially things seem to be going fine, Ralph goes out patrolling with Frost, looking for Ramsey, but then Cisco wakes up almost about to cut his own hair, shortly followed by Breacher appearing to announce that Gypsy has been murdered by someone named Echo.

Cisco spends most of the episode with Kamila trying to figure out how Gypsy died and who killed her. It’s when he and Breacher are using their memories of her to vibe that we see someone with Cisco’s face killing her. Breacher gets mad, but then decides to give Cisco time to get his affairs in order.

During this period, he realises that something is going on, interference etc. And realises who is responsible. He waits until he’s about to be arrested before pulling off the heist.

We learn that it’s a Cisco from another earth who is responsible for Cynthia’s murder and that he framed him. Cisco weaves his smarts and trusts himself, and ends up getting Echo arrested. The episode ends with him and Barry talking and Cisco realising he needs to have faith in himself.

Elsewhere in the episode, we see Frost and Ramsay talk with Ramsay almost getting Frost to join, only to turn on her and nearly choke her to death. He then disappears promising retribution.

Nash and Joe spend most of their time in the tunnel under the city arguing and talking, and the realisation that the Monitor spoke with Barry is what prompts Nash right at the end to tell everyone he knows how to save Barry.

This was a strong episode, and it was good to see Carlos Valdes get screen time. However, with Crisis coming one has to wonder why they went this route. Though with the Monitor’s deal with Oliver still not known to the team, it will be fascinating to see where the next episode goes.

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