Arrow Season 8 Episode 5 Review

What an episode! Arrow continues to deliver in its final season, this time we see the gang head to Russia to try and find the necessary materials to build a weapon that could destroy the Monitor.

Oliver and Mia start the episode of training, and when they venture to Russia, there is tension as there always was going to be due to Oliver not ever wanting to share the burden with anyone. When Mia and Oliver are captured by the Bratva, things start to change and Oliver admits he was wrong and that he wants to help them and he wants to be better. Eventually, they work together to overcome the odds to get the plans for the weapon that the Russian general was making.

Laurel is torn between helping Oliver and the Monitor. With a conversation with Lyla-they’ve really done some good work building her up as Harbinger- showing off the inner conflict within her. As she works with Oliver and the team you can see that she’s trying to adapt and change, and become something she can respect. Her decision in the final moments of this episode shows that she has grown.

On the other side of this episode, we see Diggle reconnect with Roy, who if you remember has an anger issue. After an argument back and forth they work together to get the plutonium needed to make the weapon. We also see Roy accept that he does actually need to be back in a team to be happy and not crazy. He will come in handy in crisis, the fact he refers to himself as Jason as an alias, is a bit on the nose, but here we are.

And then there’s that final scene. Lyla being revealed as a traitor to Oliver and Diggle, and before anything can be explained Oliver, Diggle and Laurel are tranquilised, and things end there. It’s clear something big is going to happen in this next episode if one looks at the promo.

One thing that remains curious is that given in the last crossover Barry knew that Oliver had made a deal, why hasn’t he gone to speak with Oliver to ask about the Monitor.

Still I suppose with Crisis literally weeks away we will soon find out.

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