The Flash Season 6 Episode 8 Review

The Last Temptation Of Barry Allen pt 2, begins where the last episode finished. The team trying to find out a way to stop Bloodwork and bring Barry back.

Their initial methods of talking to him and using a photon weapon to defeat Bloodwork don’t work, though it does seem as though they manage to get through to him eventually. Barry with the black eyes and the negative speed force energy ends up hinting at what is going to happen and what needs to be done. This leads to Iris and Cisco opening up Star Labs and removing the Babel Protcol-nice callback to Batman- and allowing the hordes in, and then getting Allegra to use her powers to destroy the blood circling the pipeline, thus clearing Barry and the zombie hordes.

Whilst all this is going on of course, Cecile and Kamila are trying to escape from the zombie hordes. Cecile’s powers serve as a beacon allowing them to sense fear and where the zombies are. Eventually they manage to escape, and are just about to be grabbed when the UV rays hit the zombies, sorting everything out.

On the other end of the spectrum, we get to see Frost try and cope with the trauma from earlier episodes. Seeing her and Caitlin work together to overcome their fears was heartening and a sign of real growth for them this season. The decision to allow Caitlin to be present as the team waits for Crisis was an interesting one.

Speaking of Crisis, Nash Wells’ presence in the tunnel was a source of both amusement and concern. There are rumours he is Pariah, and the ending scene seems to confirm it. However, we will need to wait for next week to be absolutely sure.

With Bloodwork in an Argus cell, the mid season finale was a solid one. Everything led to Crisis, and you could feel that in the writing. I look forward to seeing where everything goes from here.

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