Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1

It’s finally here! Months and years of planning and preparing ever since we first saw that newspaper in season 1 of The Flash has all come down to this. The Crisis has begun.

It all begins with a voiceover from The Monitor, talking about the creation of the multiverse and laying down what is about to happen.

We move to different Earths seeing the sky begin to darken as the anti-matter engulfs the worlds, and create the destruction that heralds the Anti Monitor.

Earth 38 is where the action takes place. Where the recruited heroes meet to make their stand. The delegation of duties is quite fitting, with Oliver leading the actual defence and the final stand as it were.

Whilst Lois and Sara travel to 2046 in Earth 16 to find Jonathan Kent junior-who was sent to Earth in a ship, not unlike his old man- after the destruction of Argo, and from there we see a heartfelt reunion between Sara and that Earth’s Oliver, hinting toward what comes right at the end of the episode.

Fighting against the heralds of the Anti-Monitor, the heroes seem as if they have gotten the upper hand, only for more to come. Overwhelmed and with the battle lost, The Monitor takes the heroes out to Earth 1, where the people of Earth 38 have arrived. Oliver refuses to go.

The Monitor says at the end that a billion more people were saved thanks to his efforts, at the cost of his life.

The Green Arrow is dead. But is he truly? I do not think so. I think he’s got one more round left in him.

But my god, what a way to start everything off. Seeing how it all panned out. The hype is real. That Nash Wells was confirmed as Pariah for unleashing the Anti-Monitor, was another treasure trove.

Episode 2 of this, the biggest of Crossovers airs tonight on Batwoman.

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