Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2

Hour 2 of the greatest crossover to ever be witnessed of television screens aired last night, and boy was it a good one.

Grief over Oliver’s death is strong throughout the team, the revelation that he sacrificed himself and the fact that the Monitor brought Lex Luthor back to life, makes many not trust the Monitor. It leads Mia and Barry to enlist Constantine and Sara’s help in trying to revive him via the Lazarus Pit. When this fails, nobody knows what to do.

The search for the paragons begins, the paragon of hope is found in Kara, and the search begins for the paragons of truth and courage. Leading Iris, Lois and Clark to search through the multiverse for another Kryptonian. Lex escapes with the book of destiny-as the Monitor knew he would- and begins killing supermen, until we see him arrive on Earth 167 and the Smallville Clark, who claims to have given up his powers, though the way its worded makes it seem as if he hasn’t. Then we go to another Earth, and this time we find the paragon. Kingdom Come Superman, played brilliantly by Brandon Routh. Although there is a glitch when Lex manages to use the book to brainwash him, eventually through Lois’ help Kingdom Come Superman regains control and Lex is defeated and imprisoned on the Waverider from Earth 74.

Kate and Kara (and it is very obvious now that they’re going to be the new Barry and Oliver) find Bruce Wayne of another Earth, who has fully embraced the darkness. Kevin Conroy is perfect in this role, and it was a shame it lasted for such a small amount. Eventually, this Bruce is killed, and we learn that Kate is the other paragon. A bit of a cop out if you ask me.

On the other side of the fence, the temptation of Lyla Michaels by the Anti Monitor has begun. We see her headaches and her struggling with the voices, much like in the comic books. And we finally get to see the Anti Monitor, not as big or as scary as in the Comics, but given it was a dream, who knows what he will look like when we finally see him.

Another excellent episode, and despite some minor quibbles about leaving out Batman and Smallville Superman, I think this is shaping up very nicely.

The third part of the crossover airs tonight, and then there’s a break over the holidays.

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