Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3

We head into the endgame now. We’ve had two hours of this most epic of television crossovers, and now the third hour begins.

It starts with a call back to the late Birds of Prey television show, where Huntress witnesses her Earth disappearing before she too is consumed by Anti-Matter.

From there, we see the team learn who the final three paragons are: Barry, J’onn and Ryan Choi. Iris, Ray and Ralph set out to find Ryan, and with a good ol’ Flash inspiration speech, Iris convinces Ryan to assist them in dealing with the Anti-Monitor.

Cisco, given his powers back by the Monitor, works with Pariah and Killer Frost to find the tunnel where the Anti-Monitor has created his lair. They discover that Barry Allen from another Earth is powering the anti-monitor lairs, and in order to stop it they must destroy it. Enter Black Lightning who sucks up most of the energy before Earth 90 Barry Allen sacrifices himself, to allow for the destruction of the Anti-Monitor canon.

Constantine, Diggle and Mia find Lucifer and enter purgatory, where they find Oliver, but just as it seems as though he might be coming back with them, Jim Corrigan-Spectre!- reveals himself and passes the mantle to Oliver, who accepts. The others return sans Oliver.

The others continue to watch the other Earths get destroyed, until there is just one left. Kara tries to use the book but decides against it, and it becomes clearer that she and Kate Kane will be the new leaders for the Crossover next season.

Lyla reappears, but it soon becomes evident that it isn’t Lyla but in fact the Anti-Monitor possessing her. He uses her to kill the Monitor and to wipe out Earth One, before Pariah sends the paragons to the vanishing point. Those left on the ship are wiped out as the Anti-Matter wave hits.

The twist doesn’t end there though. Before they get a chance to acclimatise, Kingdom Come Superman is replaced with Lex Luthor who wrote himself into the Book of Destiny.

Now, this was a great episode and though I’m still not sure about making Supergirl and Batwoman the focus of the big two for next season, the episode had its great points. It will be interesting to see how this all goes on 14th January, when the Crossover returns. And to see how Oliver plays into all of this, when the time comes.

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