The Flash Season 6 Episode 14

Two weeks flew by in a Flash-yes I’m using the pun, deal with it- and boy what an episode this week’s episode was!

We start with a plane nearly going down, which is stopped by Wally, who has returned for reasons that are more than just wanting to catch up with family. We learn that the Russian Socialite who nearly died in the plane crash, is being targeted by Turtle 2. And the way the team deals with her is quite impressive, concocting a serum to neutralise her powers, a solution that comes courtesy of Cisco’s travels.

The other big thing is of course the Speedforce, which we learn is dying and is the real reason as to why Wally’s returned. We learn that when Barry took some of the Spectres power and ran into said Speedforce it left traces there that damaged it and made it unable to cope, thus leaving it broken and potentially leaving Barry and Wally and other speedsters without their speed. Which feeds into this next thing quite nicely.

Nash Wells, comes to Cisco asking for his help, when rebuffed he tries to sort the matter out himself, only to be possessed by Eobard Thawne-how? we don’t know- and when Cisco comes to apologise the two fight, but of course Thawne doesn’t have his speed and so is knocked out by Cecile. When questioned, he talks about how he’s going to kill the Flash, and how he created his own speedforce so as not to have to rely on the Speedforce, which gives Barry an idea of what to do.

Iris, the real Iris, and Eva spend most of the time trying to get out, but we also see that Eva’s playing a dangerous game. Which has claimed its first casualty in Cisco’s girlfriend who learned that Iris isn’t Iris through seeing the anomaly in her photo of her and Wally. Mirror Iris proceeds to zap her and reduce her to nothingness.

This was a real solid episode, and it will be intriguing to see where next week’s one goes, especially as the trailer hints at Barry going to desperate measures to get the Speedforce back.

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