The Final Madness Of The Week

So, the final day of the working week, and boy what a week it’s been. Click on the category to see earlier summaries of madness this week.

Yesterday, the Department of Justice in the US announced it was dropping its case into General Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Advisor. The reasoning for this announcement was the recent trove of evidence that was released by the FBI, which suggests that there never was any basis for the investigation into Flynn to begin with. I’ve written about this here. Naturally this has led to political potshots happening, with Comey and his band calling this a great injustice, whilst Trump feels vindicated. Once again, get your shit together America, or don’t.

A discovery of bones in Morocco has shed new light on the Spinosaurus. The dinosaur which is believed to have been bigger than the T-Rex was for many years believed to have had a narrow tail. But the discovery in Morocco suggests its tail was actually more like a paddle. The discovery suggests that the Spinosaurus may well have spent more time in water than first believed. If true, this could completely change our understanding of the beasts who were here long before men were.

In India, the Supreme Court has stated that States should consider an indirect sale of alcohol to residents through delivering booze at home. This has been proposed to ensure that social distancing recommendations are followed and the scenes of massive queues from earlier this week are reduced. It could be a sensible solution and might actually encourage Indians to bulk order, rather than do that madness of individual purchases. It might also make the government reconsider their mad corona tax system on liquor.

Not a madness thing, but an honorary mention goes to VE Day today. 75 years since the Nazis surrendered in Europe, and tyranny was reduced to a snivelling wreck. Two minutes of silence at 11:00 am earlier today, followed by a speech by Her Majesty in the evening. God Bless all those who served to protect this great nation of ours.

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