The Flash Season 6 Episode 18 Review

After the major reveal of the last episode, episode 18 starts with Joe being informed by Barry of the Mirror world, alongside the team being informed. Various schemes are trialled in how to get Iris and Kamilla out of there but none are quite up to scratch. Meanwhile in the actual mirror world, Iris discovers where Kamilla is (a mirror world version of Star Labs conveniently) but we also see that she’s begun experiencing some negative side effects from being in there so long.

Another problem presents itself in the form of Godspeed. At first, we’re led to believe that this is the real deal given that he talks and is super fast. He easily beats The Flash at first, before a new plan is hatched. They’ll get Hartley Rathaway involved. Though Rathaway hates them for putting his boyfriend into a coma.

They manage to convince Rathaway to help, through a inspiring speech after the first attempt to help his boyfriend fails. Using the same method that knocked Rathaway on his arse the first time, they knock out Godspeed and find charged speed as his blood source. They use that charged speed to bring Rathaway’s boyfriend back to normal, whilst also discovering that Godspeed was just another clone.

It seems that Godspeed is being set up as the big bad for next season, which will hopefully make sense, given how broken down his usage has been this season.

With next week’s episode having to be the finale due to the coronavirus, one hopes that the loose ends will be tied up and we will get a satisfying conclusion.

The trailer certainly hints at big things to come

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