The Flash Season 6 Episode 18 Review

After the major reveal of the last episode, episode 18 starts with Joe being informed by Barry of the Mirror world, alongside the team being informed. Various schemes are trialled in how to get Iris and Kamilla out of there but none are quite up to scratch. Meanwhile in the actual mirror world, Iris discovers... Continue Reading →

Taiwan Presents Lessons For The World

A small island with little to no recognition internationally, overshadowed by the lurking behemoth of China, has managed to do something very few other countries have managed. It has managed to keep the death toll of its citizens down, whilst not completely shutting down its economy. That country is Taiwan and as of 27th April... Continue Reading →

China v the EU: Who Will Win?

A newspaper article published by the Chinese embassy in France deriding the country‚Äôs care for senior citizens during the pandemic is the new front in a propaganda war between China and the EU. It has raised the interesting question of who will win this war.  The Chinese government is widely seen as engaging in a... Continue Reading →

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