The Flash Season 6 Episode 19 Review

Coronavirus has meant that Season 6 is shorter than usual, with 19 instead of 22 episodes, meaning Tuesday’s episode served as the finale. And it’s quite obvious that it was.

Eva is out and in the open, hunting her husband. Chasing him down right into their business warehouse/headquarters. She and Barry fight, her husband’s goons are hers now and they fight Ralph, Allegra and Nash. Eva kills her husband and leaves Barry and company alone, saying that they’re not enemies, but given she still has Iris and Kamilla in the mirror world, you know they are.

In terms of the Mirror Verse, Carver explains that he tried for months even years to get his wife out before giving up due to the discovery that it wasn’t compatible with the real world. He tells Barry that if Iris is still alive, she’s likely completely changed. We see this pan out in the Mirror Verse, when Iris in searching for Singh starts getting even worse headaches, before eventually being able to read the map and disappearing.

Ralph and Sue got a nice little bit of closure to their mini arc this season. Sue lies saying that she’s cleared it all with Carver, only for Ralph to find out she plans on killing him. Of course, Carver is murdered by Eva, who then frames Sue for the murder thus meaning that she has to go on the run once more.

Overall, this episode was decent, not a perfect finale, but it was never meant to be one, so thanks Corona. The season was a bit hit and miss, the first half leading into Crisis with Bloodwork was brilliant, the B part, was more of the hit and miss, and one hopes that without Corona things would’ve been more organised. Still, we’ll have to wait and see.

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