Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

Crisis has come and gone, Oliver is dead, and now all that’s left are those who fought alongside the Green Arrow on his journey to becoming something else.

It was always going to feel weird to watch Arrow without Oliver Queen, the man who made Star City safe, and the man who created the Arrowverse, but here we are. Episode 9 sees the pilot for the new spin off show Green Arrow and The Canaries, and it is an interesting one.

We find ourselves in 2040, with a whole host of changes. Mia, William and others do not remember their old lives, instead we see Mia as a socialite, William as the CEO of Smoak Tech and a whole bunch of other stuff, including Mia being engaged to JJ, the man who in the original timeline was Deathstroke.

Laurel and Dinah are working together to try and find Bianca Bertenelli, and prevent the city from falling apart. To do this they bring Mia’s memories back and rope her into working with them. We learn that Bianca’s ex kidnapped her, and that he’s working for someone else. Who that is we don’t know, though we do learn that their mark is also on the momento that William has.

Mia takes up the mantle as Green Arrow, and Dinah and Laurel remain in 2040. JJ gets his memories back, which is sure to change the entire dynamic of things. I’m curious as to how Dinah got to 2040, and who the big bad is, and who is responsible for giving JJ his memories back.

This could be quite good, if done properly.

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