The Flash Season 6 Episode 11 Review

Another episode and another mystery. Following on from the last week's cliffhanger we see the consequences. Iris-is it Iris?- is able to cook good food, and is seemingly more bold and danger seeking than her real counterpart. Naturally this leads to an argument when Barry goes hyper protective and this Iris starts to fight back,... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 8 Episode 9

Crisis has come and gone, Oliver is dead, and now all that's left are those who fought alongside the Green Arrow on his journey to becoming something else. It was always going to feel weird to watch Arrow without Oliver Queen, the man who made Star City safe, and the man who created the Arrowverse,... Continue Reading →

Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3

We head into the endgame now. We've had two hours of this most epic of television crossovers, and now the third hour begins. It starts with a call back to the late Birds of Prey television show, where Huntress witnesses her Earth disappearing before she too is consumed by Anti-Matter. From there, we see the... Continue Reading →

Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2

Hour 2 of the greatest crossover to ever be witnessed of television screens aired last night, and boy was it a good one. Grief over Oliver's death is strong throughout the team, the revelation that he sacrificed himself and the fact that the Monitor brought Lex Luthor back to life, makes many not trust the... Continue Reading →

Arrow Season 8 Episode 7 Review

A return to purgatory for Oliver, and a venture to make the weapon needed to prepare the team for Crisis. This season has been building up to this very moment. Oliver and the team deal with the usual heartbreak and panic. Lyla reveals how she came to know the Monitor and how long she's been... Continue Reading →

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